Engaged Urbanism (2016)

Campkin, Ben y Duijzings, Gerlachlus, editores. Colección Reserva   307.76 E571e 2016  

engaged urbanimsEngaged Urbanism’ showcases the exciting ways in which urbanists are responding to this question and working towards fairer cities. Its authors offer succinct, candid and carefully illustrated commentaries on the trials and successes of risk-taking research, revealing how they collaborate across fields of expertise, inventing or adapting methods to suit bespoke situations. Featuring novel uses and combinations of practice-from activism, architectural design and undercover journalism, to film, sculpture, performance and photography- in a diversity of cities such as Beirut, Johannesburg, Kisumu, London and Rio de Janeiro, ‘Engaged Urbanism’ demonstrates how some of the greatest challenges for present and future populations are being rigorously and creatively addressed.

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